Steem is the next frontier

Steem is an exceptional blockchain which features instant feeless exchange transactions, secure JSON data store, inbuilt escrow, onchain monetization as well as has a social tune.

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Steem is a blockchain built on the Proof of Brain concept. The basic idea is that you post content, if community appreciate your work they vote it. A vote allocates the receiver a portion of the daily minted Steem tokens, proportional to the weight of Steem tokens the voter has reserved as Steem power.

Since its inception, tens of millions of dollars have been rewarded to content creators. The most common form of content on Steem is blog; there are video, audio and gaming content as well.

Steemit is the most popular interface to the Steem blockchain. Busy, Steem Peak, Wordpress's Steem Press plugin as well as mobile apps such as Esteem and Parkito are popular as well.

Some exchanges which support Steem include Block Trades, Bittrex, Polonix, Binance, Open Ledger and HitBTC.

Specialized clients include the open source contributions rewarding platform Utopian, a video sharing site, DTube, a peer to peer collaborations site, Peer Query, a QA site, Musing. There is also product hunt site Steem Hunt, an Instagram-like app, Steepshot, as well as a music service app called DSound.

Smart Media Tokens(SMTs) is a major development breakthrough for the Steem blockchain. It will allow users to create their own custom tokens to use used just like Steem or to be used as a crowd fund raiser.

Steem is several times faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum, is built on Graphene which is capable of 100,000 transactions per second. The average confirmation time on Steem is only 3 seconds. There are over a million Steem accounts with tens of millions of dollars paid out to users.

Steem has everything to make it the next frontier of the web. Steem offers not just content monetization solutions, but also data integrity, a secure financial system, community and more.

To know more about Steem, read the white paper, the blue paper and the Smart Media Tokens paper. You can also visit the Steem website, the Block Explore 1 and Explorer 2, the developer portal, the SMT portal or the wiki.


At the Institute, we pursue initiatives that make the Steem blockchain more accessible to the world by building businesses and applications on it, while promoting potential to various industries.

We provide support and counseling services to businesses and organizations that seek to integrate the Steem Blockchain into their products and systems.

We are open to support and partnership from the community and beyond. Get in touch with use by email at steeminstitute [at]


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